Professional Farmer: American Dream Details PC games

The delivery from the creative Professional Farmer, with Piece Independent Entertainment GmbH, became just notable because it tried to help jump on the back of the surprise reputation in the Where to download Pure Farming 2018? Farming Simulator franchise, but instead ended up among the worst contest of 2016. Complete the PS4 edition of Professional Farmer American Dream, a spin-off set in the Midwest, successfully bar the contract in creating a good farming sim? Sadly, far from it.

Opening in the sport was an extremely pleasant experience. I got to pick a report avatar from a selection of cute animals (I opt for the duck) while some unusual 'American ranch like' music performed from the background. You're then provide the chance to go through the tutorial. Knowing simulator games can be quite confusing I assumed it will be a good plan. Fast forward almost an hour later when I finally managed to experience the dull effort of ploughing, grubbing, fertilising and seeding our primary field, just for canola, I was ready to give up.

Controls become very intuitive, such as fair surviving the jump option, yet that is fixed by controls of your present vehicle live inside top left on the display. Unsurprisingly the alternatives selection became very bare. The only gameplay changes you can make are; the problem (easy, normal, hard); how long an in-game day goes – which ranges from 10 minutes to 24 times; along with a little HUD personalisation which could but people from it becoming a cluttered mess. Images are particularly 'budget' appearing, with finer details probably not staying on the forefront of the developers to do list.


Performance issues include long loading times (where in between 20 and 40 seconds depending on the area), poor field of belief with normal pop-ins and build rate drops, even when accomplish rather so crucial for the gameplay as ploughing.

First person view has a particularly odd feeling to it, pretty much like the identity is very little or say eyes upon their chest. Building sizes stay away besides, the townspeople all probably get neck problems think with the way little the door borders are.


There are four districts inside activity: east farm, west farm, farm and area. All are weak with empty feeling. Even though there are cars getting in and people moving around there is a sensation of solitude. You have a trouble with the farm that respect you about barking but you can't interact with it and can actually go even finished that. I appeared meandering around the town trying to get an answer from homes but the whole I could control was to have vehicles to beep by everyone once check up streets with my own truck.

I survived scared by the inclusion of person levels. People leave away in 0 with 1000 experience required for the former point up. I achieved that around 2 hours into the game like finishing the guide and ploughing a team other deal with. This leads to obtaining a talent position which might be worked with quite boring upgrades like discounts in looks and being able to wake up a little bit past. The farm can also be upgraded that needs money, it is for regular things like bigger grain silos.


This gets me to the major issue with the sport, a lack of purpose. Yes many successful activities are determined by making money to invest to make more money, yet once the main gameplay is tedious and repetitive, why do you want to reinvest your canola change on producing more places. People gain down with $200,000 and the one real goal is purchasing all 29 in the fields available.

A recorded present for American Dream is the ability to produce pumpkins, although this is actually no unique to developing anything else, only the look of the crops trade. The deciding of the ranch in the mid-west is an interesting one but the terrible graphics and heartless town don't cause any immersion – also the grass sways in a strangely uniform way.

A little fun can be found in trying out the different tractors and bus, buying pet with growing the curb number of crops. But in the end tedious and repetitive gameplay coupled with poor graphics, overall performance springs along with a heartless world result in a abysmal door into the already dire game franchise. Increases of simulation games looking to try their worker in farming are superior off keep to the new satisfying but common Farming Simulator series. While everyone new to simulation match into standard become greater off avoiding farms all together, for now at least.